Janson Bridging


Janson Bridging is the definitive, full-service expert in modular steel bridges, pontoon systems, RoRos and ferries for both civil and military purposes. Would you like to rent, buy or finance a bridge? We have over 20,000 tonnes of stock and are always able to provide a fast and reliable solution. If required, our engineers are happy to further assist you with any structural and technical issues and standards. Knowledge, experience, stock and flexibility: this is where we excel when it comes to bridges. It is not by chance that we are the market leader in Europe. 

Customized Solutions

Experience has taught us that each project is unique. That is why we are always able to deliver customized solutions. Our experienced structural engineers and draughtsmen can design any required modification to the modular bridge or pontoon systems. These systems provide the perfect foundation. As our customer, we also enable you to design your own bridge. You decide on the type of girder, deck systems, deck types and rails and equipment, either individually or in consultation with our engineering firm. Would you like a steel bridge, glass reinforced or carbon-fibre reinforced plastic or a combination of both? The choice is yours! Because we work with modular parts, systems and standardized production methods, your custom configured bridge becomes a reality in no time.

Beam Bridges

Janson's Beam Bridge sections (code JSK) are designed for temporary and permanent use in situations wherever short-span bridges up to a maximum length of 21 metres are required for general traffic. The special coupling system and integrated lifting lugs mean that the pre-assembled Janson Beam Bridges can be installed quickly, saving time and money. The low profile of the bridges reduces the need for long approach ramps. The Janson Beam Bridge is the ideal system for spanning over roads or waterways as soon as the capacity of an existing bridge is temporarily insufficient. The Janson Beam Bridge complies with the Eurocode.

Plate Girder Bridges

Janson's Plate Girder Bridges (code JSB) are designed for temporary or permanent use, particularly in areas of heavy traffic where free spans of up to 40 metres are required. Janson's Plate Girder Bridges are designed and manufactured for rapid and simple construction. The bridge sections are transported to the building site, lifted into position and bolted to create a complete bridge in minimal construction time. The sections can be connected longitudinally or laterally and offer a vast range of spans and road widths.

Alternative product line

Janson has access to a large stock of alternative, non-standard Janson Bridging bridge systems. These are bridge systems that have not been designed by us. They are available in a range of types and sizes from panel bridge systems to plate girder bridge systems. The stock is large and available immediately for rent or buy.

Pedestrian Bridges

Janson's Modular Pedestrian Bridge range consists of two systems: the Janson Pedestrian Panel Bridge system and the Janson Pedestrian Truss Bridge system.

Janson's Pedestrian Panel Bridge system (Code JPB-Ped) is designed for temporary and permanent use wherever light traffic bridges with a span of up to 61 metres are required. On sites that are inaccessible to telecranes, the bridges can be erected using the standard cantilever launch method.

Janson's Pedestrian Truss Bridge system (Code PSB-Ped) was designed for permanent use wherever pedestrian bridges with a span of up to 48 metres are required. The Pedestrian Truss Bridge is a modular system with longitudinal trusses is built up using standard interchangeable components in modular lengths of 4.0 metres. All components are bolted together using standard fasteners.


In order to provide you with maximum certainty, the Janson Bridging modular couple pontoons are designed and manufactured according to international nautical design regulations. They focus specifically on floating structures. The Janson modular couple pontoon system is a a fast, simple and inexpensive solution for creating water-based platforms. The pontoons can be connected together. This gives you the option of creating any configuration you require. Examples include square, rectangular, H or U-shaped platforms. You can also determine the height: 100, 150 or 200 centimetres. The pontoons are specially designed to be transported by truck. They can then be lifted into the water by telecrane. The upper couplers are used as lifting lugs. Once on the water they can easily be coupled by our engineers. Obviously, we also supply all auxiliary equipment, such as gangways, bollards, fenders and spud legs.

  • (Temporary) mooring pontoon
  • Pontoon bridge
  • Work islands for drilling
  • Work islands for excavators

Would you like to know how a modular pontoon connection offers a solution to your specific problem? Then please contact us. We would be delighted to find the perfect solution for your situation.

Couple Pontoons

Janson's Couple Pontoons are designed to be transported by standard trucks. They are lowered into the water by telecrane, using the upper couplers as lifting lugs. Once in the water, the pontoons can quickly and easily be coupled by two engineers using an effectively designed coupling system.