Bosman Van Zaal Dutch Greenhouse farming partners


Bosman Van Zaal specialises in the development, production and installation of well thought-out horticultural projects and has an extensive team of engineers and horticultural experts at its disposal. This enormous technical diversity within the organisation forms the basis for the sophisticated technology used in the development of laboratories or test greenhouses for the food and pharmaceutical industries, but which is also extremely suitable for the realisation of high-quality production greenhouses. Together with progressive entrepreneurs from the horticultural sector, the pharmaceutical industry and the science sector, we are building the future of crop production. From vision to solution, anywhere in the world.

Bosman Van Zaal has over 40 years of experience with technical systems and nearly 90 years of experience in the development and construction of greenhouses for international horticulture. As a member of the Green Innovators group Bosman Van Zaal has several industry-related subsidiaries including Montera Techniek, Crea-Tech International and Indigo Logistics.

Develop and manufacture, supply and maintain products, systems and turnkey projects worldwide. Customers know Bosman Van Zaal as an innovative company that provides quality, is reliable and works hard to enable its business relations to achieve better results.